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Cprofiles provides the ENGAGE and STRAKUS IT platforms which can contribute to valuable streamlining of the daily operations of your organisation.

We have in-depth knowledge of all aspects regarding the legislation on processing of personal data. This means that we can guide you in handling sensitive personal data correctly when implementing our IT platforms.

The IT platforms are sold as one-year subscriptions, and the price is calculated on the basis of the number of active users. We also provide customised solutions adapted to the specific needs of the individual organisation. Download our one-pager (in Danish) HERE which provides a brief presentation of how ENGAGE and STRAKUS can help your organisation make optimum use of your internal resources.


When organisations hire new employees, typically only some of the experiences and competences of the new employees come into play and benefit the organisation. The employees’ competences are registered in ENGAGE, so that the HR department and management can gain a quick overview and utilise the employees’ competences rather than, for example hiring external resources when the necessary competences are already available in the organisation.

Similar waste of resources is seen when key employees leave the organisation and the organisation lacks an overview of which employees can contribute with identical competences. ENGAGE also supports competence development to prepare the organisation for future challenges. ENGAGE is an invaluable tool for the HR manager and management at all levels within most sectors.

The benefits of ENGAGE include many areas:

  • The employees’ competences are made visible and can therefore be better utilised to the benefit of both employees and the organisation.
  • The organisation avoids having to recruit new expensive employees with competences that already exist in the organisation.
  • The organisation can retain existing competences and know-how, and thereby avoid spending money on recruiting new employees with identical competences.
  • Continuing training can be targeted at the specific needs of the organisation.
our services

Employee data and competences
Employees complete a personal competence profile, including:

  • Employee CV.
  • Documented training and education.
  • List of the tasks that the employee can carry out.
  • Description of what the employee is like as a person.

Competence overview
A simple search function enables you to search your organisation’s competence database and to gain an overview of the employees who possess specific competences. Similarly, you can search for responsibilities and decision-making authority for specific professional competences.

Competence development
The competence list of your organisation can be displayed in a clear competence matrix, revealing which competences you need to strengthen. Focus is thus on getting employees to perform in relation to their individual potential. This information can be used positively in the recruitment process when identifying which competences your organisation needs, and should add, to avoid a vulnerable situation, for example if a key employee leaves the organisation.

Retention and development of employees
Retaining and developing employees is an important part of running a business. Employee competence assessments can be performed independently of appraisal and development interviews or as an integrated part of these interviews. Activities aimed at achieving specific goals and meeting development needs are managed via the employee development module, which regularly reminds the employees of upcoming activities.

Employee well-being
Work is often reported as a cause of stress. Ensuring a healthy psycho-social working environment requires a joint effort towards a clearly defined goal, and ENGAGE supports this process. The difficult questions are asked as an integral part of employee appraisal and development interviews. This is a way to regularly assess whether all employees are satisfied with their job and working conditions. Stress is therefore not only a personal problem, but a problem that the organisation also takes responsibility for.

Regular updates
The requirements of today’s labour market are constantly changing, and therefore continuous development of employee competences is necessary to achieve continued success. The system will automatically remind employees to keep their competence profile updated to ensure that the database always reflects the current competence situation of your business.


Even the best strategy is worthless if it is not put into action. Therefore, Cprofiles has teamed up with BIOFOS and Konsulenthuset Moestrup consultancy firm to design a simple and useful tool to connect strategy and competence development. STRAKUS is a strategic competence development system that works as a funnel model in which the strategy is placed at the top and is constantly refined down through the business using simple processes.

Stop using the outdated forms from employee appraisal and development interviews, and get an employee appraisal and development system that is based on your organisation’s strategy, and therefore identifies the competences needed by your organisation and the individual employee.

STRAKUS is a simple and very user-friendly system, in which the result is displayed in a competence compass showing the gap between the current level and the desired level (GAP analysis). STRAKUS ensures that employee appraisal and development interviews are governed by the organisation’s strategy, so that all managers know exactly what they need to clarify, and subsequently the organisation knows exactly what competences the individual employee is lacking. The organisation can then provide peer-to-peer training, courses or continuing training when relevant. Employee competence development is adapted to the organisation’s strategy and the employees therefore know that their competence development is relevant for the organisation. It will also be easier to hold employee appraisal and development interviews and to follow up on the activities agreed.

Competence analysis at organisation level
Executive management/management consider how strategy should be integrated with and influence the competence development in the organisation.

Competence analysis at department level
Department managers consider which focus areas the department should prioritise for the coming year.

Employee data and competences
Managers complete competence profiles, including:

  • Descriptions of functions.
  • Documented training and education.
  • Current and desired level of defined competences.

Competences related to specific technical areas can be added to adjust the database to the needs of the organisation.

Retention and development of employees
The system includes an employee appraisal and development interview template, in which activities with specific goals and development needs can be listed. The data come from the organisation analysis, and the strategy is placed at the top and refined down to employee level. This allows the professional and personal competences of the individual employee to be systematised and developed.

Competence overview
A simple search function enables you to search for key employees who possess specific competences, which are linked to their individual competence profile.

Regular updates
Data are gathered in a simple document library, which also shows a log of the most recent changes.