Make sure potentials for development are made visible with a behavioural profile

A behavioural profile is an effective tool for companies that wish to hire the right candidate or want to bring the competences of a leader or employee into play.

Both new and already existing customers are entitled to a behavioural profile, with the purpose of assessing strengths, motivators, communication styles, development areas and much more.

As a company, this enables you to focus on the individual employee’s professional and personal behaviour, as well as to highlight potentials for development and any possible focus areas. You thus ensure that both the employee and the company benefit the most from the employee’s competences.

To carry out this task, Cprofiles has chosen an external partner who has great experience with profile tools.

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Susan Jankvist

Susan Jankvist
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DISC behavioural profiles – personal and management profiles

Jankvist & Co. works with two different tools; the one is aimed at leaders and the other at employees.

DISC – team development

The main purpose of the ‘team development tool’ is to create high performance teams that deliver good results and reach common goals through cooperation. Team development is about creating an environment, where challenging each other academically inspire the members to find the best possible solutions.

View360 – management profiles

View360 is a management profile tool which provides an overall and precise picture of the individual leader’s strengths and potentials of development.