“We chose Cprofiles because, as is the case with many knowledge-based companies, as an architect firm we rely on being able to work strategically with our in-house competences. The Cprofiles system provides us with an overview of how we can couple our employees’ competences, which gives us a heads up. We also find value in being able to regularly update and adapt the system to meet our needs.”

Henning Larsen Architects

“In cooperation with Moestrup Consulting we have chosen Cprofiles as IT suppliers to develop a new strategic competence development system for all our employees. The purpose of the solution is to ensure that the company has the knowledge and skills necessary to implement the overall company strategy that is refined throughout the entire organization. This will increase efficiency as you get an overview of the competencies the company has or lack in getting the entire organization to work in the same direction. We have a clear expectation that many other industries and companies also can benefit from our skills development model, so you are welcome to contact Cprofiles for a free demonstration.”


“Working strategically with developing employee competences requires having an overview. The Cprofiles web-based solution helps us manage our employees’ competences – this is essential for a knowledge-based company like ours. The system is easy to use and their competitive prices and quality solutions have enabled us to adapt the system to fit our business’s needs.”

NJORD Law firm

“With the ambition to work with the strongest talents from the world of television series and feature films, we have chosen Cprofiles’ solution
to create structure and overview when it comes to maintaining and further developing our strongest talents. The solution also provides the opportunity to define a clear role / responsibility distribution in our company. ”

Sam Productions

“The Cprofiles competence database has helped us strengthen our collaboration with our network of volunteers. The system has helped us create a framework for our current activities and given us an overview of our volunteers’ competences. We have seen that our volunteers feel respected and acknowledged for their efforts. Moreover they feel like an integrated part of our orgnaisation.”

Integrationshuset Kringlebakken

“Together with Cprofiles, Gaarde Erhvervsrengøring, has chosen to focus on targeted competence management when it comes to efficient management of our employees. With a broad field of competencies within Facility Management, Cprofiles is a great tool for organizing our resources and finding the most competent solution for the task.”

Gaarde Erhvervsrengøring

“We have used C-profiles to build up a data bank on our employees’ skills – both professional and personal. C-profiles have tailored the system to our industry, so the professional skills fit our business. This makes the system incredibly useful – and very flexible. When you have a complete overview of the professional and personal skills of the employees, it becomes easy and manageable to be aware of the skills we lack in the company, but also to spot the development potential of existing employees.”

Seren Pensionsmæglere